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If I can't be beautiful, I want to be invisible

3/16/06 03:08 pm - Wow. I'm updating my LJ

So I found out the dates of all my exams and I'm really confused as to when I want to move out. Originally my dad and I decided on May 6th (Saturday) but now I don't know if it'll be worth it then.

So here is what's going on in May

Monday May 1st - Thursday Show at Croc Rock. This is also the last day of classes (which I'll be skipping). I'm going home for this and staying there overnight.
Tuesday May 2nd - Go back to school
Wednesday May 3rd - Developmental Psych final from 11-2 - Math final from 2-5
Thursday May 4th - No Finals
Friday May 5th - No Finals
Saturday May 6th - Maybe move out, but it seems pointless to do it then and then go home and then come back on Monday
Sunday May 7th - No finals or anything
Monday May 8th - Anatomy and Phys I final 2-5
Tuesday May 9th - English Comp II final 11-2
May 17th - My birthday
May 22nd - Start summer classes at NACC

So maybe I can move out on May 9th. Or I could take most of my stuff home on Wednesday may 3rd, and stay at home until May 8th which is when I come back for my anatomy final. I could just keep the bare essentials here for monday to tuesday (8th to 9th).

argh. that was such a waste of time to type up but i want to feel organized.

annnnnnnnd I kinda have a crush on Jake Gyllenhaal now :/

11/3/05 08:48 pm - check out my new LJ icon oh yeah

you know you wanna wake up with the king, play football with him, dance on logs with him. oh yeah

9/19/04 10:09 pm - Free Ipod conga lines...freeipods = real

Anyone have a link to a big, popular one?

So after looking into this free ipod thing, it seems pretty legit.,2125,64614,00.html

I figure that if I just have to pay maybe 12 dollars for 4 weeks of the NY times, it'll be cheaper than a 300 dollar iPod.

well, if you're interested in signing up, you're going to need a credit card, BUT after you get credit, you can cancel.

so use this link if you haven't signed up yet,

1/1/02 08:53 pm - FRIENDS ONLY

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